Telephone & PABX Solutions

Today, office phone system is increasingly part of a converged network that facilitates a greater level of communication and improved productivity in a workplace.
Colombo Net Solutions implements telephony solutions & Installations for medium to small companies, professional offices, hotels and public administrations with guaranteed value for money.
We offer a wide variety of telephone systems such as PBX / PABX Solutions and supply reputed telephony & communication equipments all across the island. We cater for medium and small business entities and offer a diverse product range from basic two-user phone systems through to multi-user systems with 100 users. The company provides telephone systems, IP Phone systems, Digital Phone systems or Wireless phone systems, whether you have 2, 25 or up to 100 employees. We can help you get the best out of your telephone system.

Survey the premise

Inspect the premise and identify the area where the PBX machine will be installed.
After that, make a connection diagram clearly mentioning the PBX modules used, PBX machine, Computer for programming and monitoring, battery connections etc.


Wiring for extension line

Once the connection diagram is completed and layout is finalised, wiring for extension lines should be undertaken. Wiring should normally be sealed always. If wires are not sealed, than probability of cable cutting or disconnection would increase.


Programming of PBX Machines

Once the wiring is complete, the PBX machine should be configured. All required features, number plan, list of extension lines should be properly documented and stored safely. Every extension should be numbered on MDF and stored for any future.

Our Speciality

  • Use of high end products
  • Handled by experienced professionals & engineers
  • Special attention to customer specifications
  • Exclusive attention to ensure customer safety
  • Guaranteed long term functionality
  • Proactive customer support


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