Founded in 2010 with the objective of providing industry specific customized networking solutions to an affordable rate, Colombo Net Solutions has experienced a rapid grown during the period by undertaking & successfully completing challenging networking and telecommunication projects for small to medium scale commercial establishments.

About Us

We have built strategic collaborations with international manufacturers, suppliers and the experts in the technology & telecommunication industry to offer high quality products and services at affordable rates.
The company is invested in researching, studying and strategically integrating the new technologies and trends in the networking and technology industry to offer innovative solutions that match the modern requirements and the financial viability of the clients.
What set us apart in the industry is our commitment to understanding the needs of the customer & delivering customized networking and related services that match those requirements. We do not offer ready-made solutions that can be either too advanced or fall short to match the customer requirements.

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Our Team

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Our Values

For Colombo Net Solutions to identify ourselves as the  innovative technology partner since we have Invested in researching, studying and implementing novel and innovative solutions that match the complex requirement of the modern day domestic and commercial technological needs. Moreover, we keep abreast with the constantly evolving technologies and integrate them seamlessly to deliver exceptional and innovative products & solutions.

We have realized the customer satisfaction is paramount to the long term success of a business.CNS is geared to render a customer centered service where the needs of the customers  take into consideration. After understanding the specific needs of the customers, we  deliver products and services that meet those requirements and exceed the expectations of the customers. Further,we keep them satisfied in the long term by providing unbeatable after sales service and an indisputable guarantee for our products & services.

Colombo Net Solutions exist as a result of teamwork at all levels. We have built strategic partnerships with renowned electronics manufacturers and suppliers in the world. And we work as one team- our trained personals and engineers work in partnership with the customers to deliver outstanding products and solutions to exceed the customer expectations with innovative and tailored solutions.

CNS has realized the significance of the customer life cycle and is committed to building and keeping relationships based on trust and reliability. For that objective CNS offers high quality and durable products and customizable technological solutions that we can recommend with confidence. And our excellent after sales service is implemented to assist our valued customers in the long run.

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