Wired Network

The popular network technology still gives reliable and trouble free communication at an affordable price compared to the counterpart.

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Wireless Network

The latest technology of the networking giving you the freedom from wires and switches but the ability to easily connect any device and start communicating.

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Welcome to Colombo Net Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

Are you looking for affordable yet reliable networking solutions?
Colombo Net Solutions is a company that offers total networking, CCTV & communication technology solutions for small and medium enterprises with the emphasis on affordability and scalability.

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Networking Solutions

Colombo Net Solutions is specialized in network installations and offers a comprehensive suite of stand-alone or supported installation and configuration of wired & wired network services that are expandable and customizable as per the requirements of the customers.

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CCTV Solutions

With the modern internet facility and requirement of safety at the premises, most organizations and individuals willing to install CCTV systems in their locations. We serve this requirement with predefined installation packages to meet the diverse needs and affordability of the customers.

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Telephone & PABX

Colombo Net Solutions implement telephony solutions & Installations for medium to small companies, professional offices, hotels and public administrations with guaranteed value for money.

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Other Services

Diversifying our service potential, we offer a range of other services to our clients. Our broad range of other services includes network & CCTV troubleshooting, electrical services and back office services. Some of our versatile back office services are,

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  • Data Processing
  • Type setting
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing services
  • Binding
  • Customer contact handling
Professional Staff
Satisfied Clients
Quality Products
Experience Years

Our Services

Our turnkey networking and pertinent services with guaranteed quality and proactive technical support service.

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What Our Customers Say

We care about the reputation we have. We work hard to gain the trust and kind words our customers share.

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Opening Hours

08:30AM - 05.00PM
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08:30AM - 14.00PM
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